Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mother's Day Out!

My little girl started mother's day out today! The name of her "school" is My School. How original! I wanted to put her in "school" when she turned three which was just last week. It started at 9. We took all the obligatory photos. We (David Anthony and myself) dropped her off. She was already into everything in the classroom by the time the teacher, Ms. Tracy, got there. I gave her a quick kiss and off she went... no tears, no "mama, don't leave me", no "I don't want to go". I was secretly hoping for some of that. I went straight to the car for fear I might do/say some of the same things. I shed a quick tear on the way home. It is scary, I don't want her to be bullied or be the bully, I don't want her to make fun of people and I don't want her to be the one getting made fun of. If I am this worried about two days a week what is going to happen when she goes to college?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Soccer Mom?

Okay, so for Christmas my husband got me a Toyota Sienna. It is probably the nicest car I have ever owned! I absolutely love it! It is so easy to get the kids in and out of. It is all "tricked out" it has bluetooth, voice activated navigation system, JBL sound system with DVD and leatha!! I know there has always been some sort of stigma that goes with driving a mini van. My sweet sister asked me if by getting one I was going to home school my kids and not get them vaccinated! She is so great!! But now she secretly wants one!! I am including a picture: It is not my car but very similar. Mine is desert sand mica or for you non mini van driving people: GOLD!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So while I was on the stairmaster today at the gym I was watching the Today show and Carrie Fisher was on. She called herself eccentric. Here is my question: How much money do you have to have to be called eccentric rather than just plain ol' weird? Because she looked pretty damn weird to me! Excuse the picture but I thought it would be eccentric!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time for a quick update!!

Well i know it has been a long time since I blogged but this is what
I have been doing! First off my girl likes to potty all the time! Waverly is finally potty trained!!! Thank God!! David Anthony is crawling/climbing everywhere!! (Those of you with boys will know what I am talking about!) I pray everyday he makes it through the day without pulling some huge piece of furniture over on him. Big Dave is taking the Cardiology boards Wednesday and Thursday! Can I get a big AMEN on that one!!! Now only 2-3 more months of stressing to see if he passed them! Of course he will, he is smarter than any of the people who wrote the test, unless of course said people are reading my blog then I was just kidding but please pass my husband!! And last but definitely not least: I am now officially an aunt!!! Chase Landon Gregory was born 10/13/08 at 5:15 pm. He weighed seven pound even. He is gorgeous!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Watch out Oprah! Here I come!

I have a new book for Oprah's book club. It is called Redeeming Love. This is by far the best book I have ever read. It is a religious book. I know what you all are thinking: BORING. But give it a try. I am going to send Oprah an email to let her know she needs to pick it as her next book selection. You never know I could be on Oprah soon!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Just Wondering

So I have a question for all of you out in blogland. If you forget to brush your teeth in the morning and don't remember until 7 that night, do you go ahead and brush or just wait until bed?

Monday, May 19, 2008


Okay everybody! It is supposed to be 96 today. That's right I said 96!!! It's not even June yet! We went to the park today and everyone was sweating. The slides were too hot to go down and the swings were too hot to swing on. Oh and did I mention it was only 10:30!! Anyway at least I'm not pregnant again!! You know what the worst thing about being hot is? BOOB SWEAT!!! And the lovely nursing bra (read midget hammock) I am wearing makes it sooo much better. Well anyway, I hope everyone reading this is in the nice A/C.