Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time for a quick update!!

Well i know it has been a long time since I blogged but this is what
I have been doing! First off my girl likes to potty all the time! Waverly is finally potty trained!!! Thank God!! David Anthony is crawling/climbing everywhere!! (Those of you with boys will know what I am talking about!) I pray everyday he makes it through the day without pulling some huge piece of furniture over on him. Big Dave is taking the Cardiology boards Wednesday and Thursday! Can I get a big AMEN on that one!!! Now only 2-3 more months of stressing to see if he passed them! Of course he will, he is smarter than any of the people who wrote the test, unless of course said people are reading my blog then I was just kidding but please pass my husband!! And last but definitely not least: I am now officially an aunt!!! Chase Landon Gregory was born 10/13/08 at 5:15 pm. He weighed seven pound even. He is gorgeous!!

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theborawskis said...

Like the new blog layout. Not so dark. See you in a month. Love, hugs and kisses, Aunt Judy