Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mother's Day Out!

My little girl started mother's day out today! The name of her "school" is My School. How original! I wanted to put her in "school" when she turned three which was just last week. It started at 9. We took all the obligatory photos. We (David Anthony and myself) dropped her off. She was already into everything in the classroom by the time the teacher, Ms. Tracy, got there. I gave her a quick kiss and off she went... no tears, no "mama, don't leave me", no "I don't want to go". I was secretly hoping for some of that. I went straight to the car for fear I might do/say some of the same things. I shed a quick tear on the way home. It is scary, I don't want her to be bullied or be the bully, I don't want her to make fun of people and I don't want her to be the one getting made fun of. If I am this worried about two days a week what is going to happen when she goes to college?